Cosmetic Dentistry

Improving your smile can boost your confidence!  Cosmetic dentistry offers several options for enhancing your smile.  Many treatments can be completed in just one or two visits!  Whether you want to brighten your teeth or fix a damaged tooth, our team can put together a personalized plan that works for you!  If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry in Roswell, GA, call our office today to schedule a consultation! 

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening can safely and effectively brighten your smile!  A whitening treatment can turn back years of staining and discoloration.  Professional teeth whitening is a great option for patients with sensitive teeth, because it does not cause sensitivity like over-the-counter products.  Teeth whitening can brighten your smile by several shades in no time at all!  If you are looking for teeth whitening in Roswell, GA, call our office today to get started! 

Composite Fillings

If you have a dental cavity, a composite filling will restore your tooth and allow it to function like normal.  Composite fillings are tooth-colored and blend in naturally with your smile.  If you are in need of a tooth filling, give our team a call!


A great way to quickly improve the appearance of your smile is through porcelain veneers!  Many times, veneers are used to cover several teeth to enhance the overall look of your smile.  Veneers are made from high-quality porcelain material and their thin shell helps them look and feel natural.  A porcelain veneer can also be used to restore a tooth that is cracked, chipped or misshapen.  If you are interested in porcelain veneers in Roswell, GA, schedule a visit today!

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