Pediatric Dentistry

At Inspire Dental of Roswell, we care about kids!  Giving exceptional dental care to kids and teens is a passion our entire team shares.  By building good dental memories at an early age, your child will have a good foundation for a healthy smile for life!  Many patients avoid their dentist due to dental fears.  Our goal is to help your child enjoy their dental experience so that they want to maintain a healthy smile.  From the moment your child walks into our office, we will help them feel comfortable and enjoy their dental experience!

Your Child’s First Visit

We suggest bringing your child to their first dental visit around the time they turn one year of age.  No matter your child’s age, it’s never too late to start on their dental care!  Their first appointment will allow them to meet our friendly team and get introduced to all of the dental tools that help take care of their smile!  Our tools include our mini mirror, tooth tickler (polishing brush), Mr. Slurpy (suction tool) and our mini drinking fountain (our rinsing tool).  Our team makes dentistry fun and interactive with every child who visits.  Enjoyable dentistry will help your child keep a smile on their face and look forward to taking care of their teeth!  As a parent, you will be able to get all of your questions answered and find out what to expect in the upcoming stages of your child’s dental development. 

Teen Dental Care

Your teen can also receive exceptional dental care!  With our years of experience, our team can help your teen maintain a healthy smile and recommend any treatments that would help enhance their smile.  Building their self-esteem through a beautiful smile, you can help your teen have the confidence that they need through their high school years.  If orthodontic treatment is desired, our team can go over the best treatment plans to help them meet all of their smile goals!

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